Fig-O-Honey Pocket Diaper Review

Diapers are second best friend that a new Mom has in her life(To read about first best friends click here). Diapers give her mind a little break from constant worry and stress how to keep her baby’s bottoms dry. In all the chaos of looking after a baby and giving him/her the best of everything, we mothers end up neglecting the most important part of our baby’s body i.e the baby’s bottom’s and without giving much thoughts, we put them into disposable diapers which are made up of non-degradable materials along with chemicals which cause harm not to the environment but to your baby’s bum too and that is why they end up getting rashes. Lets discuss about my journey to cloth diapering in detail in another post and discuss about the pocket cloth diaper that I recently got a chance to review Fig-o-honey pocket diapers. And I am very much impressed with the results.

I was sent three pocket diapers with very attractive design and colour along with a dry/wet bag.

Diaper Specification:

  • One size diaper that fit to babies from 3 months to 3 years(4.5 kg to 15 kg)
  • includes pocket in which we can insert the absorbent
  • the outer layer of the diaper is PUL which prevents in spilling
  • the inner layer is made up of micro-suede which is known for its great absorbing properties.
  • three rise snaps that can be adjusted according to baby’s weight and comfort


I soaked the diapers in cloth diaper friendly detergent(used rustic art here) in warm water and washed them in machine with one extra cycle to put off all the detergent that it absorbs while soaking.

You can use any detergent to wash cloth diapers just make sure you wash the detergent properly so that it does not hamper its performance


The fit is perfect for my medium built 15 month old. I use the 2nd rise snap fitting. It does look bulky even after wearing pants or denims


After prepping the diapers for two times, i used them for 2 hours at a stretch. This time was complete play time that included dancing, running, jumping, climbing and did not notice any leaks or spills which is very good for a pocket diaper to survive for this long after just two washes. And now with over 2 months of usage and many washes the diapers lasted for 3.5 hours maximum time which gets a big thumbs up as I have a heavy wetter baby

Best thing about the diapers:

Fig-o-honey has a huge range of print variants to choose from, very bright and colourful that makes cloth diapering more exciting.

The diapers are very reasonably priced and are available on their website(you can buy them from here)and also on There are also value packs for you to choose from which suits your needs and requirements


There should be a snap button to attach the insert inside the pocket, it will help in the insert to last little longer.

The Wet bag:

It has a very cute and attractive emoji prints on it. I personally haven’t used the wet bag but its my husband’s on the go bag. He being a footballer uses it to store his soiled stockings, jerseys and shorts. The bag carries the stench for a good time, sometimes mud and water too. It does not allows the smell or the liquid to leak. So here the wet bag and the pocket diapers both are performers

My Recommendation:

I give 4.5/5 rating to Fig-o-honey diapers. 


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