Mamaearth Baby Wipes Review

Hey people, hope you are all doing good. Today I am going to discuss about the first best friends in a new Mom’s life, baby wipes. Yes, Baby wipes is one such innovative product that can be used to wipe clean not only baby’s hands and face but also the bottoms. Now there are certain baby wipes in the market that recommend to use it either on body or bums. Some claim to be safe to be used on both. But I fail to understand how can a same product be safe for one part of the body and not on the other part?

Baby wipes are convenient products which are used many times in a day on baby’s sensitive and delicate skin but the baby wipes that are present in the market now are mostly made up of polyester which is not only marked  unsafe to be used on baby’s skin but also a non bio-degradable material and takes hundreds of years to get completely decompose. Chemicals have become a part of our life, they are present almost everywhere including baby products. If you’re like me, who have decided to make the commitment to stick to natural, non-toxic baby products as much as possible then Mamaearth Baby wipes is your thing. Mamaearth wipes is the India’s 1st Organic Bamboo based wipes.


About the Brand:

A startup By the parents For the parents which exists to solve seemingly little problems of young parents by providing certified toxin free, international standard products under the First MadeSafe Certified brand in Asia. The love for their baby made them paranoid about the choices they wanted to make for him, everything had to be right as they planned on having only one child.Due to lack of any regulations most products across categories available in India for babies were not safe. Some personal care products from prestigious brands had toxins which could be carcinogenic for their baby. Further they figured no other brand made in India provides 100% toxin free guarantee and had to order products from US & UK at steep costs. And there came the existence of the brand, so that good,chemical free, naturally made baby care products should be made available to all parents across the country.

What I liked:

One can feel the difference in the texture the moment we start using it. As the brand name says, the wipes are completely natural and made up of organic bamboo cloth which is safe to be used on all baby body parts. It is made of without bleach and does not contain any parabens or other synthetic ingredients, everything used in the product is all natural. The wipes have very citric soothing fragrance which is another indication that it is made up of non-processed naturally available ingredients.Some facts of bamboo fibers that I know are:

  • Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fibers on earth
  • Bamboo cloth is eco-friendly, requires no chemical and very little water to grow
  • Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Almond oil, shea butter, aloe vera and Vitamin E all are known for their moisturising properties.



The packaging is the best one that I have used so far. It is sturdy and can fit into the diaper bag easily. The wipes pack has been provided a flip lid lock that makes pulling out wipes easy and also prevents it from drying out


Pried at 249 INR for a pack of 72 wipes is a very good deal. If you are looking for a safe product for your baby then it is a very minuscule amount.


Right now, the wipes are available on the brands website ( and

My Recommendations:

I give Mamaearth wipes 5/5 because if you are looking for

  • non-toxic products that are natural and nourishing and also will make your little one’s skin healthier.
  • biodegradable and are equally good for new born’s sensitive skin too
  • A company that specializes in manufacturing products that are based on views taken from a panel which comprises only Moms.

For good natural and safe baby wipes, Mamaearth’s are the best.



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