How-to-avoid diaper rashes & dispose of diaper properly

However Eco-friendly Mom you want to be,there is going to be a time in your baby’s diapering period that you are going to use disposable diapers & throw it away. I have tried to cover few points on proper usage & disposal of diapers in the below mentioned link:

Do give it a read. It might help you gain some knowledge or you can simply pass on the information to a new mom.

Breastfeeding Tips From One Mom to Another

We all know that breastfeeding is good for baby’s immune system and baby should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months. Breastfeeding may be natural but honestly it is equally difficult for the first time mothers. It is so difficult that some new moms just give up. The initial days of my mom life were full of ups and downs. Within the first weeks of breastfeeding, my nipples were sore and chapped. I dreaded every feeding session. Breastfeeding had become an ordeal for me. But with patience and time everything fell into place. I have shared few tips below that would help any new mother to be comfortable in this journey:

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How Motherhood has “CHANGED” Me……

I like writing,its one of the most beautiful way to express oneself but I was missing in action from my blog for a brief period coz my duty as a mother who is raising a Mini tornado needs her attention 24*7,my baby is achieving new milestones with every passing day. Yesterday he was running behind butterflies in the park and today he wanted to answer the door….oh no, see I started flattering about my kid again.This is how motherhood has changed me,even at a minuscule chance I start praising all my baby’s up’s & down’s I would say Motherhood has not changed me, it has transformed me in an altogether different person that I once used to be. Motherhood has taken over an almost perfectionist personality of mine.

# I used to hate to see my wardrobe disarranged, it used to be well stacked just like data in a data structure. But since Motherhood happened,  I need to dive in the sea of clothes to find a t shirt that will go with my pyjama’s but my baby’s side is neatly arranged. There is no chance that you will disturb the full pants while pulling out the footsie’s.

# I was never interested in that part of the house from where we get food, yes I am talking about Kitchen. And I don’t even carry great culinary skills. But cooking new,colorful and healthy food items for my son is my favourite hobby these days, which my little man royally refuses to eat. But frankly speaking I don’t ever feel bad that he refuses to eat the stuff I made because next day I am all prepped to bring on the new item and pass it on to husband dearest when baby dearest does not approve of it. With my absolutely accommodating cooking skills,its becomes a win-win situation for me either as a Mother or as a wife

# From being a very passionate career-oriented girl to now a Stay-At-Home-Mother, this has been the biggest transformation ever happened within me. It sometimes does breaks my heart to see the World running ahead but hello I am a Mother and no job in the World beats that designation.

# Once you are a Mother, there is no way to feel bedraggled or scummy or dirty. You have poop smeared hands number of times in a day. Your those once, well manicured hands are now holding your baby’s puke so that it does not spoil his clothes. My clothes,who cares as far as my kid’s clothes are stain & stink free

#I am a self proclaimed Mom research analyst. I am always ready with examples to co-relate science with baby related things, be it cloth diapering or baby wearing or weaning.

#Motherhood has enhanced my senses too specifically nose & ears. I can smell poop from rooms across and his cries from floors apart

# There is zero scope to be selfish in this world of motherhood.You get the superpower of holding your pee for hours after being a mother as every second is important. Everything happens in a blink of an eye whether it is a milestone or a mishap and being a mommy you cannot afford to miss any of it.

#Motherhood has also made me very brave. Brave enough to nurture a tiny being into a good human. Taking brave decisions to be by my son’s side 24*7.

I don’t want to miss all those first’s first that my son is going to do in his life. I want to be with him when his eyes look for the safest place to rely on. I want to reach to him,console when he falls and push him to attempt that step again. I want to be close to him when his arms are crying for his “Mu-umma’s” hug. I want to be present for him for the time when I AM THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN HIS LIFE. I love spending time in kitchen cooking for him. I love folding my little man’s laundry. Oh, and I am the spookiest one when he does not poo or pee on time. Running behind him is my favourite-st thing right now. I don’t care if I have not combed for a week or taking baths in evening. Watching movies or catching some drama’s on drama fever seems like a blurred vision. I am as fresh as a daisy even if my son has kept me up till mid-night, slapped and kicked to wake me up early in the morning.

I had mentioned in my earlier post that another name for Motherhood is madness(you can read it here) and I have been living in this madness since fifteen months and have enjoyed every span of second spent in this magical world. Motherhood is a feeling which cannot be described in few words but can be felt within.


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Baby Cutlery and its Importance

Hello People,

I hope all are doing great. Take care of yourself and your kids as monsoon brings lots of virals and infections with it along with rains.

Today I choose to write about baby cutlery. Even before I become a Mother I was always attracted to cute & attractive baby cutlery:spoons,sipper cups, bowls, tiffin boxes etc. I was thrilled to start solids to my baby so that I can buy all these cute things & went on a shopping spree too. Little did I know that all these important pieces of utensils that I am going to use to feed my baby are not safe as they look. Most of this cutlery is made of materials like plastic,melamine,silicon. I will take you on a mini information tour about the materials that go in making of this cutlery.

Plastics have been part of our daily life from a very long time..Unfortunately it does not mean that it is safe or responsible. Plastic is made with  poly carbonate which contains BPA. BPA stands for bis phenol A. Its an industrial chemical that can be used to make certain plastics.Poly carbonate plastics are used in making containers that store food,beverages like water bottles. Now, some research claim that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA. Prolonged exposure to BPA have ill effects on the working functions of the brain, behaviour & prostate gland of fetuses and to kids and infants.

Melamine is hard plastic. It was designed in such a way that it can stand the rigid use of everyday life. That is the reason why most restaurants these days have replaced their porcelain cutlery with melamine. Though melamine is labeled safe but it again comes with the limitation that the food that goes into this cutlery should not be heated more than 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Silicon is considered another substitution for plastic. Most of the baby products these days are made up of silicon like pacifiers, baby bottle nipples, teething toys, freezer trays, storage jars/containers,spoons etc. It is one such material that the babies suck for a long period of time. Silicon is a chemical element found in  most abundant in earth’s crust. It is the same thing that is used for making computer components, breast implants, menstrual cups. But there is no regulatory body that has labelled silicon as safe especially in putting it use for baby products. My personal opinion is,if silicon is put up for industrial use, there is no or very little chance for it to be considered safe for the baby.

All these materials listed above are carcinogenic. They carry cancer causing elements with them in more or less quantities. Also these materials are not biodegradable. They leave footprints on the surface of earth’s crust which takes million years to decompose. Plastic pollution is toxic to human. There are many ways that we can stop this pollution. There are solutions available in the market like glass, stainless steel, porcelain and wooden cutlery which is a new entrant in the market.Though glass and porcelain is almost no as an option but stainless steel and wooden utensils are the best to be put to use. They last long, high temperature does not effect these materials in anyway and most important they are absolute environment friendly.

I have a 11 month old baby boy who has never used any bottle to be fed milk. He drinks water from spoon and bowl no sipper cup put to use here. Yes, we used our share of temperature controlled silicon spoons and melamine bowls to wean off but moved to stainless steel in no time. I want to tell all Mothers that you can survive without using all these stuff because I did and give your baby a safe and environment friendly World to live in

PS: All the information above is picked up from google. I am no scientist.



M for Motherhood..M for Madness

There are so many things that come along with Motherhood.Love,Patience, Strength,Caring,creativity,humor,generosity,affection,unselfishness,supportive,empathy,honesty,thoughtfulness,flexibility,commitment. These and some more adjectives very well Motherhood but no body added the most important word that defines Motherhood the best according to me “Madness”. See its easy, Motherhood can be described in so many different ways,words,feelings but when all the above mentioned things are put into one woman she becomes Mad. Yes, this is the phase of life through which I am going right now.

Since the day I got married, I was counseled to become a Mother. Though I did not fall prey to all such ears. I took my own luxury time to come to decision to become a Mother,after 3 years. The madness in bits started the time I conceived. I had to abandon my Job because I was not fit enough to manage pregnancy & job both at the same time, had to choose one. Whenever I used to go for an ultrasound test, a new problem was adding to my craziness.It must have hardly happened I went for an ultrasound and did not return home with a weepy face. Pregnancy induced thyroid, so I was on a strict diet along with medication. Then there was heartburn, cramps and so many problems. Whole pregnancy I was sleeping on left side of my body as the Gynecologist suggested it helps in good blood circulation towards the baby. I was dying to sleep on all sides but no just to keep my unborn safe, I slept left whole 9 months. My baby refused to come on the desired date,He arrived 3 days late than the expected time via a C-section delivery. Those 3 days seemed like 3 years to me as I was so desperate to get out of this whole pregnancy fiasco. Finally, I thought thats the end of my suffering. But I was so so wrong. My suffering as a Mother started after baby’s arrival. After baby I feel pregnancy was easier.

My baby who is 10 months old have been having problem with sleep since the day he arrived. I was told,babies start sleeping properly after 40 days. Till 40th day, every day & night I prayed for 40th day to arrive but on 41st day it was the same scene. Then they told its 3 months, babies take 3 months to come to a proper sleep schedule. 3 months came & went I was still awake at 3 o’clock at night singing or playing or feeding my owl. Then they said its 6 months, there was still no improvement at my end. Since then I have stopped thinking of peaceful sleep at night. Its been 10 months now..still no signs of improvement.

I am obsessed with baby poop.Poop color,poop time, poop consistency. I sound like a poop inspector these days. Phew, starting on solids has been a task.My baby has been trained by the Interpol to not to open his mouth come whatever may. He will just not open his mouth for anything that even closely smells or resembles food. Then forcefully pushing things into his mouth is my part of job and his expertise lies in throwing everything on my clothes and hands. Hurray, he wins most of the times.Feeling gross about something is a forgotten dream these days. Because I have been on a poop explosion & puke explosion cleaning spree since 10 months.

My hair are always tied in a high pony or bun. Because I do not remember when the comb and my hair met last time. These are just few things and I know many are on my way to this Madness journey of being a Mother.

I am a Mother who is standing on the edge of loosing her sanity.

But I am also a Mother who is loving this madness. I love to see that giggly face when I blow bubbles on his stomach. I love to blow hundreds & thousands of kisses everyday just because I love that part of mine more than anything else in the World. I love to carefully cut little nails from those chubby hands because I am scared of cutting him in the process. Giving baths to my water baby and making him play in water just because he loves so. I am fan of those little happy dances by the tiny feet done everyday. I don’t mind being a night watchman for my baby because I do not want him to be alone when he plays at that time. When I look at my baby’s face, I talk to myself “Why I took so much time to bring you in this World, what I could have done without you?” Such is my situation after becoming a Mother. I am happy & sad for same things that are happening in my life.

Are you in same phase of life right now? Please do let me know in the comments.


Left Hand Bias…Are you?

After becoming a Mother, the first and most important thing a new Mother craves for is to hold her baby. The moment the tiny squish is placed in Mother’s hand all she does is carrying her baby and irresistibly she puts her baby on her left shoulder to caress…happened in my case and happens mostly with 70-85 percent of new Mums across the Globe.If you see pictures of Mothers, celebrity Mums or Normal one’s like us(Now please read the complete article first and then go back to check the pictures :))one common thing is worth noticing in them is left side carrying either on the shoulders or on hips.

Well everyone should know the reason WHY women carry their babies to their left?

The phenomenon of carrying your baby on the left side is known as Left Hand Bias.Main reason for this still remains unknown but there are some theories that makes us relate to this left hand bias.When a Mother carries her baby on the left side, the right side of her brain lights up and with such hibernation in right side of her brains makes her to bond with her baby well. All we all know that right side of our brain controls the left side & vice-a-versa, which is known as Lateralisation in scientific terms. Not only Mothers but the same behavior is also observed in young girls, that they start carrying their dolls or even babies on their left side.Studies have also discovered that when a Mother carries her baby on left side,she is easily able to understand and interpret her baby’s needs & emotional cues.

Not only humans but some Mammals also exhibit same behavior(Strange Na!!!).

Now the question arises what about father’s carrying their baby?

Well, Father’s or Men do not feel any such intuition of carrying babies on the left side. Carrying baby on any side feels same for them. And Men complain that its a problem with Women Brain.