Left Hand Bias…Are you?

After becoming a Mother, the first and most important thing a new Mother craves for is to hold her baby. The moment the tiny squish is placed in Mother’s hand all she does is carrying her baby and irresistibly she puts her baby on her left shoulder to caress…happened in my case and happens mostly with 70-85 percent of new Mums across the Globe.If you see pictures of Mothers, celebrity Mums or Normal one’s like us(Now please read the complete article first and then go back to check the pictures :))one common thing is worth noticing in them is left side carrying either on the shoulders or on hips.

Well everyone should know the reason WHY women carry their babies to their left?

The phenomenon of carrying your baby on the left side is known as Left Hand Bias.Main reason for this still remains unknown but there are some theories that makes us relate to this left hand bias.When a Mother carries her baby on the left side, the right side of her brain lights up and with such hibernation in right side of her brains makes her to bond with her baby well. All we all know that right side of our brain controls the left side & vice-a-versa, which is known as Lateralisation in scientific terms. Not only Mothers but the same behavior is also observed in young girls, that they start carrying their dolls or even babies on their left side.Studies have also discovered that when a Mother carries her baby on left side,she is easily able to understand and interpret her baby’s needs & emotional cues.

Not only humans but some Mammals also exhibit same behavior(Strange Na!!!).

Now the question arises what about father’s carrying their baby?

Well, Father’s or Men do not feel any such intuition of carrying babies on the left side. Carrying baby on any side feels same for them. And Men complain that its a problem with Women Brain.

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